Roof coating improves home’s energy efficiency

About a year ago, I hired a roofing corporation to make some repairs.

The corporation advocated the installation of a roofing coating.

A multilayer coating is applied over the entirety of the roof, protecting it against the elements. It creates a seal that works to prevent water from seeping into cracks and gaps and causing disfigurement. It stops algae and mildew from forming and deflects up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays. The roof coating is intended to add years to the life of the roof and reduce repair and repair requirements. I was a little skeptical. However, the roof coatings are available in a wide variety of materials and colors. The update greatly improved the appearance of the home. I have been pleasantly surprised by the reduction in my year round energy costs. Because the roof coating adds multiple extra layers of protection, far less of our cooled or heated air is escaping. In the summer, the coating combats the heat of the sun and helps the indoor residing space to stay cooler. There is far less demand on the air conditioner. I’ve noticed that the cooling system doesn’t need to run as long or work as hard. I’ve been able to raise the thermostat setting by a couple of degrees, and yet every room is perfectly comfortable. In the winter, the roof coating provides pressing insulation. I went a step further and installed fresh insulation into the attic as well. I’ve noticed that the attic no longer gets especially chilly. Since hot air naturally migrates to cooler spaces, the combination of roofing material and attic insulation has lessened demands on the heater. The lower heating and cooling bills should recover the investment into the roof coating in under three years.


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