Running the cabin air purifying system

With this flu bug I have, I’m just now waking up and getting my day started.

  • Because I have the entire day to devote to this work and have little energy left over to do anything else, it is actually a little bit simpler.

When my eyes begin to tire, I can take breaks or just work slowly until the task is finished by evening. I work when I want because I have a flexible schedule, so I can just keep working and everything will get done eventually. Indoor air quality is my main concern with this flu because I don’t want the germs to get into my flatmate’s room and make her sick. Therefore, I keep my entire cabin air purifying system running constantly and am hoping that the HEPA filter in it will remove any unpleasant things in the air so they don’t get into her room. Keeping germs to a minimum is my top priority as I work to get rid of this cold because that is the worst—getting sick and then passing it on to your partner or roommate. In three afternoons, the owner of my cooling and heating company is supposed to pay me a visit, so I’m hoping I’ll feel better in time for him to come over so my friend and I can hang out for a couple of afternoons. Let’s see how resilient my immune system is and if it can help me recover in time for a visit from a really good friend. Now I’ll wash my HEPA filter once more.


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