Rusted condensate pipe

Our basement just recently got finished.The basement used to be just concrete walls plus concrete floors with all of our junk that was stored down there; No one ever liked going to the basement because it was so cold.

Our Heating and A/C system is situated there along with our fuel tank… With our finished basement we have carpet plus wood floors, a bar that my dad made from scratch, an entertainment center made out of oak plus a large smart TV, however this will be my up-to-date hangout locale in my house.

When I have friends plus family over the basement will be the locale to be. Our furnace is sectioned away from the residing room plus bar in it’s own room. When we were all down there one evening, my dad decided to check the furnace, however he saw that the condensate PVC pipe was leaking. He told us that it was most likely leaking because the two pipes were not glued together, however my dad realized that the reason why it was unglued is so that it is easier for a person to reach the condensate pump, but looking up the concern online, my dad found that if the two pipes aren’t glued together, then there’s a occasion that they will leak. However he found that if he used two sheet metal screws, then it would eliminate leakage plus he could still get to the condensate pump. Before he decided to make any moves, he wanted to call our Heating and A/C professional to make sure that the leakage wasn’t anything major.

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