Sealing up all the gaps in our home

My home had regularly been really comfortable however recently had been having an issue with some drafts.

  • I would be sitting on the sofa studying a book and I would recognize frigid air sleeping in from anywhere although I could never figure out where.

One afternoon after I felt another draft in our study room I decided that I had had enough. I was now feeling drafted several rooms and I started to realize that our old home was having some spots that were sealed and I was determined to find them and sealed him to get rid of these drafts once and for all. At first I was convinced that it was our a/c method and not drafts that was honestly causing me to become cold. I have a really efficient A/C system. Sometimes I think it runs almost too efficiently. It does a honestly great job of cooling the entire home and as such it can hastily get frigid if the temperature is not monitored. I decided to test out the a/c method to ensure that it wasn’t that and I turned it off. The drafts were so present even with the A/C still often therefore I suppose that I had some spots I needed to be sealed. I expect the rest of that evening to hunt them down a single by a single and sealing them. I have not had any complications since then. I do recognize that I found them all and I shouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

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