Smart Thermostat as a Christmas Gift

My mom plus Mom are always traveling when they have time off of work.

They will soon be retired, plus I know that they will want to continue to travel. One thing they have mentioned is that they will come apartment from a long trip plus have to wait for the apartment to cool down after being set to a higher temperature for a long phase of time. When you get apartment from traveling, there is nothing better than being comfortable in your own home; I decided to look into getting them a smart thermostat for their apartment this year for Christmas. One time, my parents were in another country for 3 weeks. They were rushing to get to the airport on time plus totally forgot to turn the a/c up to a higher temperature while they were out of town. I had to drive an hour to their apartment to turn the a/c up when they realized what they had done. I got to thinking about it, plus this could have been particularly avoided if they had a smart thermostat where they could have done it from the airport on their smartphone. That was the afternoon I decided to look into this. I found out that it’s not actually that high-priced to have a smart thermostat installed, however most of the devices are able to be programmed in about an hour. My parents are actually thrilled with their smart thermostat. My Mom even admits to using his iphone to adjust the a/c from his bed.

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