Steam is coming from my outdoor unit

I absolutely love doing landscaping outside.

Landscaping is a great release for me especially on the weekends.

I have a desk job and I don’t get out of the office that much during the week. So being able to work outside in the flower beds and design what plants and flowers I want to put around my house is an exciting thing for me. Plus I just recently purchased a zero turn lawn mower and it has made working outside even better! When I was cutting my grass near the outdoor unit I was surprised to see steam coming from my outdoor unit. My air conditioning system was on because I set the thermostat to 74° because of how hot it was outside. I wasn’t sure why steam was coming from my outdoor unit I was thinking that maybe it was due to my heat pump going into defrost mode. However the unit should not be going into defrost mode. It didn’t make any sense to me why it would even go in that mode in the first place. So to clear up any confusion and get the problem resolved as soon as possible I called my local heating and cooling technician to take a look at the issue. It was a good thing that I did that because it turns out that the outdoor unit had a bad outdoor fan motor. This was something that I would not have been able to fix myself so I was lucky that my heating and cooling technician was able to come out that day to problem solve and fix the bad fan motor.

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