Summer schedule revolves around air conditioning

I hate that the pandemic had to happen.

  • There are so many people who aren’t here and might be otherwise had this global health crisis not happened.

But that’s just exactly what happened. Even if you weren’t personally dealt a blow from a Covid infection, it was a rough time. I know that initially, I thought that working from home would be just the worst. I was one hundred percent wrong about that. For sure, the first month or so of working inside the central air conditioning of my house was tough. I couldn’t seem to find a good rhythm, the right work space or get the hang of the online meetings. But the more I pushed through to the Summer, the better I was at working outside of the commercial HVAC of the office. That first Summer of the pandemic was the first time I realized that I had to move my schedule around the amount of air conditioning I was getting. Of course, both my husband and I had to take pay cuts to keep our jobs. So limiting the air conditioning costs was important. That’s what we did by keeping the thermostat around 80 degrees during the peak heating hours of the day. Today, I’m going into my fourth Summer working remotely and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the office. I go to important meetings but that’s it. So now, I have to change my daily schedule so I can avoid my office when it’s so warm in our house. So I get up well before dawn and work until lunch. Then, I get out of the house during the worst of the heat to do errands.

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