The AC Fan won’t turn off

My new cooling system unit was laboring good up until last weekend.

I had gone to the beach with some friends during the day, and returned to a hot, stuffy house.

I started to wonder if my boyfriend had turned the temperature up because he had come down with a cold. When I asked him about it, he said that he had observed it getting a little warmer inside, however still could hear the fan running so did not feel much of it! As the night went on, the household grew warmer and warmer. When I checked the temperature control, it read 71 degrees. It was the middle of the summer time and I knew something was not right, and like I said, the fan was still running so my pal and I thought what my pal and I heard was the a/c. The next day, I called the local Heating and A/C corporation to send someone out to take a look. What they found was that the compressor was out and the fan was still running. We ended up needing to update the compressor that day. At first, my pal and I considered holding off however then thought about how it was only going to get hotter as the summer time progressed, then reluctantly, my pal and I agreed to update the compressor that same day. We had plans to go out for lunch, however my pal and I decided to order a pizza and enjoy our new cooling system that night. It ended up being a fine choice, because the following week was one of the hottest weeks of the year. We were thrilled to have out AC up and functioning properly.