The aliens made an HVAC unit with toxic fumes in it

The aliens made an HVAC unit with toxic fumes in it.

When we first met the aliens, we thought they would help us advance our HVAC industry.

We wanted to know more about air conditioning and get a better understanding of indoor air cleaning systems. We helped the airlines develop better commercial air conditioning systems and furnace installation. In return they showed us a new type of coolant that could be put into a central air conditioner or gas furnace. They claimed that this coolant could outdo our geothermal heat pumps and hybrid HVAC units in efficiency. We decided to put this coolant to the test in our HVAC lab. At the lab we have the world’s leading HVAC technicians, cooling specialists, and heating technicians. When we put the coolant into our test central air conditioner, the air that came out was extremely toxic. All of the HVAC technicians fell to the ground clenching their throats. One local service man who was there for observation was able to turn on three whole home air purifiers, as well as some air conditioners that had HEPA air filters in them. The air cleared up just in time. If the toxic air had come any longer, many of the HVAC technicians and heating technicians would have died! We told the aliens to take back theri coolant and leave us to do our own study on indoor air cleaning systems and central air conditioners. To this day we do not know the intent of the aliens. Many think they were trying to take over the world through our central air conditioners, gas furnaces, space heaters, and any other HVAC device that the coolant could be used in. If that was the plan, we are thankful we have developed excellent indoor air cleaning systems.


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