The beginning of the HVAC raiders

This is the story of how the HVAC raiders began.

After the government collapsed and society went crazy, a family of thieves decided to take matters into their own hands.

They knew that the climate was unbearable, and that people everywhere would need an air conditioner and furnace to survive. They also knew that without the government regulations, pollution would rise and people without air purifiers in large cities would quickly die of disease. This family began traveling home to home, raiding them at gunpoint. They got hundreds of followers to help them in their HVAC raids. Soon enough, they organized into three groups with one head. There was the air conditioner group. These were responsible for collecting central air conditioners, multi split air conditioners, mini split air conditioners, window air conditioners, and any other a/c unit. Next was the furnace group. They had to steal portable space heaters, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, electric furnaces, and even superheaters if they could get their hands on any. They usually avoided stealing hot water boilers only because they were very difficult to uninstall and carry away. Lastly there were the air purifier raiders. These people usually had the easiest job because air purifiers are relatively small and easy to steal. They collected thousands of UV light air purifiers and HEPA filters in only a few weeks. Their biggest struggle was getting whole home air purification systems. The best they could do was steal certain parts from the whole home air purifier, that way the only people who had those needed parts for the air purifier were the HVAC raiders. They also raided every cooling and heating business in the country.


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