The college is running the air conditioner too high plus my child is chilly

I am not the type of lady to complain… Usually I just deal with whatever the circumstances are.

I make my way around it so I do not cause a scene or anything like that.

I am a unquestionably relaxed chill lady who does not causes trouble. The only time I do is when it involves my child. I send my child to college everyday. She has many friends in college. I dress him moderate when she goes. She has been coming back telling me how she froze all afternoon. Other parents are telling me this too; Finally I made a scene about it. I cannot be sending my child to an ice box. It is not even that moderate outside for the colleges to be blasting any kind of air conditioner. I told them that they can keep the air conditioner on. My only issue I’d that it is running far too high. The children are complaining it is too cold. I informed them as well that if they keep running it like that they are going to run into some complications. If the system works too hard, they could end up with no air conditioner at all. Then, all the people would be super tepid instead of super cold. The college actually needs to get the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system under control or it could have a bad outcome. Not only will I be mad however many other parents as well. Then, they will also have no Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system from running it too much. I hope they do not run their air conditioner like this at house too. I can only imagine how chilly it is there.



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