The furnace that knocked my teeth out

I can’t spend much currency this month or next because I am taking a trip next month plus it is going to set me back a chunk of change.

Also, my sibling wants to come visit me here plus go see Tom Jones perform, which is going to set me back another $200. So I can’t spend anymore currency on anything else till I get past the next couple of months, after that I am going to go to the dentist plus get this missing tooth replaced once plus for all. I am single plus I know boys don’t like HVAC techs who are missing a tooth, even if it got knocked out by accident carrying a heating component one afternoon. I was absolutely picking it up when my head hit something behind me plus the component came smashing into my teeth full blast with its steel frame. The HVAC devices knocked my two front teeth out at the HVAC company where it happened plus I was not a glad camper after that. I had one tooth fixed however didn’t have currency to get the other one fixed, however soon I will have the currency plus am fixing that tooth come hell or high water. The local company said that they can service the tooth for about $500 in their weather conditions controlled office not too far from where I now live. Then I can talk to boys without looking like a hockey player or a pirate. My HVAC representative told me that I will look 100% better once that tooth is fixed just like the new company had done months ago.


Air conditioning professional