The heat pump provides important humidity balance

It’s so nice to be able to put another summer in the rearview mirror.

It’s smack in the middle of October and I couldn’t be happier. The air conditioning might kick on during the peak heating hours of the day. But that would be it. By the end of August, I was pretty wilted from the heat so I love not having the HV \AC cooling on so much this time of year. The next 8 months are the best weather I’ve ever had in my life. There isn’t much need for HVAC heating in our future. But the heat pump can certainly deliver if necessary. Still, there’s no going through a summer without a quality residential HVAC unit. I’m lucky to have a very good heat pump. The heat pump provides the necessary air conditioning we need to get through the hot and humid summer. If you live here, you know that the summer is not just about the temperature. The humidity is such a big factor when it comes to how oppressive the heat can fill. Again, we are very lucky to have great residential HVAC. Our heat pump is very efficient and provides you great HVAC cooling. Yet, the heat pump does more than just cool the house down. Actually, the cooling process includes a vital function which the heat pump also provides. As the heat pump is exhausting heat energy, it’s also balancing the humidity level inside the house. This is vital to mitigate mold and mildew. Without this important part of HVAC cooling, we’d be spending a lot of time cleaning up mold and mildew in our homes.

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