The south during the winter time months

One can argue that residing in the south, you will never experience real changing of seasons.

Some say that the weather conditions in the south is angry. The northern states experience a winter time like I cannot imagine. Snow afternoons, overcast skies for weeks and freeze warnings do not sound like fun to me at all. I enjoy the humidity and sunshine. When it is cold, the only thing I can do to be comfortable is to overheated up next to a wood burning fire. In the south, not all homes are equipped with central heat or heaters. Many homes rely on electric heating systems or fireplaces to heat their homes. My household does not have central heating, therefore, when it gets cold enough, my pal and I chop out the electric heaters! During the summer time months, storing the heating systems can be a pain. With such limited space, the heating systems usually get other things piled on top of them and it can be a pain getting them out when it is time. The heating systems can also be annoying because they are either too overheated or not overheated enough. I do not like sleeping with an electric furnace on because I have heard too many stories about household fires. It is spine-chilling to feel that an electric furnace could kill someone. One thing that I am sure of is that when it comes down to where I would choose to live, I constantly choose the southern states, but humidity and sunshine are my number one things!



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