The space heater is working

I really don’t like getting sick but with this flu bug, I’m slowly waking up and starting my workday.

  • I don’t have much energy to do anything else, so it’s a little easier because I have the entire afternoon to focus on this work.

I can take breaks when my eyes are tired and just do the labor slowly, and it will be finished by the time night falls. I have a flexible schedule and can work whenever I want, so I can just plug away and do my work, and it will get done on its own. My main concern with this flu is indoor air quality because I don’t want the germs spreading into my flatmate’s room and making him sick, so I’m running my whole house air purifying system all the time and hoping that the HEPA filter in it will disconnect any bad stuff in the air so it doesn’t reach his room. That is the worst, being sick and then passing it on to your lover or roommate, so keeping germs to a minimum is my top priority as I try to get rid of this cold. My cooling and heating company’s owner is supposed to come visit me in three afternoons, and I’m hoping I’ll be feeling better by then so my friend and I can hang out for a couple of afternoons. Let’s see how strong my immune system is and if it can heal me in time to see a really great friend. I’m going to clean my HEPA filter again right now.


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