There is no way I am going camping without A/C

There is just no way that I am going to go camping without a working cooling system in our camper. I’m just not an outdoorsy kind of person! I hate being outside when it is warm and humid. I basically lock myself inside of my apartment in the a/c during the summer. I just do not like being out in the heat, because it makes me feel poor and I hate covered in sweat. I would cherish to live my life indoors instead of going outside at all. I know that it sounds crazy, but I just do not like nature. I hate bugs, I hate covered in sweat, and I hate dirt. So for someone like me to go camping is entirely a crazy sounding kind of thing. However, my hubby loves camping more than anything. Sometimes I really do not know how my buddy and I ended up together because my buddy and I have truly little in regular when it comes to things of that nature. Anyway, he loves camping and he will go out into the woods literally anytime of the year. He begs me to go with him all the time and most of the time I refuse. My friend and I purchased a camper with an cooling system and it was just so I would go with him periodically. It’s Father’s Day this coming weekend and I promised him that I would go camping with him however then the a/c in the camper broke down. Even though it is going to be his special morning, I still do not know if I can entirely go out and go through with it if my buddy and I do not have a/c in the camper!

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