There was a bad surprise in our A/C system this year

Whenever my buddy and I turned on the A/C system for the first time this year, my buddy and I found a bad surprise! I could not think my eyes when I went down to the basement to see what in the world was going on with the A/C system the other morning. It was the first time that my buddy and I had turned on the A/C for the year, and there was something going on. I noticed that there was a weird odor coming from the air vents, and I also heard a weird sound coming from the basement. I had not been down there in a while and so I grabbed a flashlight and I ran down the stairs to check it out. It turned out that there was something way worse than I thought going on down there! Somehow, over the winter season when my buddy and I were not using the cooling system at all, a family of raccoons had decided that it was a great place to live. They were all living inside of our cooling system and there was a great big nest of leaves and sticks and all kinds of things piled up inside of the A/C system casing. I could not think it. I did not undoubtedly even know what to do at that point, either! I just wanted to get my a/c to come on and start cooling down my house. However, the problem was that I didn’t know whether to call the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business first or the extermination business first! Also, I didn’t want to kill the racoons, really. I just wanted to get them out of my house.


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