There was a fire at a restaurant

My family and I cherish to visit a small restaurant in our town about once a week, the food there is wonderful and they always have their a/c or furnace set at the perfect temperature, and unluckyly, the restaurant burned down last night.

The cause of the fire was unclear, however some say it had to do with their Heating and Air Conditioning system malfunctioning. The next night another small restaurant burned down and no one knew how the fire started, however there were rumors going around that someone was messing with the furnace system which caused it to beginning a fire, then since I work for our town’s Heating and Air Conditioning supplier, I was sent to go inspect the Heating and Air Conditioning units in these restaurants to see if I find anything wrong with them; I visited the first restaurant and took the Heating and Air Conditioning machine apart. I checked the air conditioner side of the machine and it seemed like it was in perfect condition, however when I checked the heating unit, I discovered something really interesting. Someone had put some really flammable fumes in the furnace and caused it to beginning a fire in the air vents of the restaurant; When I tested the air conditioner and furnace of the second restaurant that burned down, I found the same problem. I had several of my Heating and Air Conditioning friends inspect the other Heating and Air Conditioning units in other restaurants around town, and my friend and I found out that someone had done this to several boilers in other areas… After doing some searching, the criminal was found and all the Heating and Air Conditioning units were fixed and restored to their typical location, and from that time on, the town remembered this event as the Heating and Air Conditioning heating incident.

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