Thermo teacher is cooling down

My old thermodynamics teacher finally threw in the towel and retired now that he is 82 years old.

I thought the guy would never retire but I guess he’d had enough of teaching the abstract class at my old UF school.

It is funny because the mascot for our college is the gator and this thermo teacher’s last name is Gater, no joke. That was the toughest engineering class that I had to take and I still don’t really know what it was all about. Calculus was bad enough, but thermo is a whole different level of confusion. Heating and cooling systems is what the class was all about, dealing with refrigeration and entropy, we even had to endure a second class of it once we survived the first class. I don’t think I would ever use what I learned from that class in a million years and am not sure why they offered it to us. My local contractor friend tried taking the class and quit engineering after failing the class three times, cooling down her plans to be an engineer like I was in The Valley in Cali. I only worked there a few years till I figured out that engineering wasn’t for me. I could still be there now, building heating and cooling equipment for commercial businesses and hating every minute of it. My old friends there used to count down the months and years till retirement, something which seems so crazy for me. The HVAC company where I work now is much more fun than the old HVAC system engineering gig.

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