Time for my natural weather conditions controlled ride

I’ve been suffering from this flu-like illness for a few afternoons now, and as I type, I can see that my vision is blurrier than usual.

I believe it is caused by this virus, and I’m hoping that once it is gone, the blurriness will go away.

Despite the fact that I also have astigmatism in my right eye, it is much worse than my left eye, so perhaps the flu I am currently experiencing is contributing. I hope that’s the case and that my vision hasn’t gotten noticeably worse over the past few afternoons of my life; if it has, then my next step will be to visit the nearby corporation to have my eye health checked. Due to teeth issues, I also need to have my teeth examined. I need to start taking better care of myself and slowing down a bit so that my body doesn’t wear out, as my heating tech neighbor advised me. Given how badly I treated this body and the numerous skydiving landing accidents I had while swooping for a career, I’m truly surprised it is still alive and well at 56 years old. If you don’t know what swooping is, take a look on YouTube and you’ll understand why my body has a lot of miles on it. The local supplier was also a swooper and died in a swooping accident. My good friend and I used to swoop on land as well as on the water, which is where the pain from rough landings came from. I have stopped swooping and now only do repairs and maintenance for heating and air conditioning systems.
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