Tiny homes require very unusual Heating systems.

I could never fathom why anyone would want to live in such a tiny house.

I saw them as just a tin can, and only my husband and I had to share it.

I knew it would be crowded and uncomfortable, but I at least liked the husband. I wasn’t sure if he would like me for certainly long if he and I had to live in a tin can. Those thoughts were going through my mind when my kid Ed told me he wanted a tiny home. Ed asked me if I would help him decide what Heating and Air Conditioning I should put in the tiny house. I had been a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist for multiple years, but I had never thought about installing Heating and Air Conditioning into such a tiny home. I looked into many unusual systems, but none of them sounded feasible. I knew there were compact Heating and Air Conditioning systems, but after seeing Ed’s tiny home, I knew it would take up too much space inside the home. I asked Ed if he had thought about getting ductless Heating and Air Conditioning for the house. I showed Ed where my enjoyable friend and I could put the equipment that would virtually heat and cool the entire tiny home. Ed didn’t like where I showed his the placement, but I was afraid if it was at the other end of the house, it couldn’t heat the upper level. Once I looked at the upper level, I wouldn’t want to go up there if I was a furnace. When I told Ed that, he laughed. Ed kissed my cheek and told me he was living in the playroom I would never build for her.

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