Try being the husband of a Heating specialist.

I’m not sure why everyone thinks Heating and Air Conditioning specialists are lucky, and they get a lot of sleep – but no one ever thinks about the husband of an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist.

  • There are no set hours for my Heating and Air Conditioning specialist husband Ed.

Ed is consistently running late, or he is on call and I can’t keep up with him. I often eat separate from Ed, and his lunch is put in the microwave or the oven. I could not tell you all of the date nights Ed and I have had interrupted because his beeper went off, and Ed needed to go back to work. It got to where Ed and I didn’t go out unless he had the entire weekend off, and often he would still be on call. They consistently need backups for the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist who was on call. If a second emergency arose and the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist was already dealing with an emergency, they needed to have someone ready to go out. The last time Ed and I had an uninterrupted date night, was when my enjoyable friend and I were on a weekend getaway. However, even then it wasn’t uninterrupted. Ed and I went into this new seafood restaurant that was on the waterfront. The humidity was wicked when you were outside, but it was even worse inside. Ed knew the a/c wasn’t toiling well. Instead of just asking if the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist was on the way, he gave his knowledge. Ed said he didn’t suppose it would take certainly long to repair, because he thought it was just a goopy air filter. The only enjoyable thing was that Ed and I got our lunch for free, and a voucher for another free lunch at any time in the future.
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