Visiting a songs store

I was in the middle of a game with my high quality headset, when I abruptly heard a immense crack noise. At first, I wondered if something had fallen plus broken. But when I took my headphones off, I realized that it was my headphone set that broke. As awful as this was, I was not that surprised. When I learn the reviews for this type of headphones, one of the main complaints was that it broke far too easily. So, I knew later this week I would have to head down to the songs store plus option out a new set of headphones. The great part was some brand new headphones have been released plus I have heard a lot of great things about them. When I arrived at the songs store, I browsed their headphones plus speakers. I was pretty disappointed to see they didn’t have the new headphones I was looking for. I listened to some of the high quality speakers for a bit, plus continued looking. Speaking of high quality, this site must have high quality air conditioner, because it was ice chilly in their store! Although it was warm outside, it was chilly here. They must have their smart control component set to 60 degrees! I saw that they had the same headphones that I currently had, plus they were on sale. I didn’t want to stay in the ice chilly air conditioning forever, plus so I decided to go with my current headphones. After I obtained them, I hopped inside my car plus turned on the boiler so I could warm up.