Volunteer at rescue organization gets central a/c

Four years ago, I made an acquaintance with Shary; Shary had been volunteering and fostering pets and cats for our local rescue organization for fifteen years; A single lady for most of her adult life, she lived on a limited income, but she was never without a pet or cat that she was foster parenting until she found a forever family worthy of her ‘child’, but it came to my attention earlier this year that Shary had no a/c in her home.

It really made sense, as the cost of installation was beyond her means. It bothered me enough that I decided to contact an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to inquire about the cost of installing central a/c in her home… Naturally, he could only deliver me a ballpark estimate, as he hadn’t been to Shary’s house to determine what her boiler and ductwork consisted of, however the quote that he gave me seemed sufficient. Next I communicated with several folks whose lives had been touched by Shary’s appreciate and generosity for rescue critters. I know that our family really was touched when we adopted one of her foster pets; My associate and I never could forget her, and continued our communication with her over the years. The people that we contacted about donating to the cause of installing central a/c in Shary’s house were cheerful at the idea of giving back to the lady who had given so much to others. In no time at all, we had raised enough donations and pledges to emrue the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor. I can only imagine the surprised response that he must have gained when he knocked on Shary’s door and informed her that he was there to install central a/c in her house – at no cost to her.
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