We didn’t have A/C in our house

We didn’t have A/C in our apartment when I was growing up, and it was something that I undoubtedly hated about my life back then.

My parents always said that they did not think that my buddy and I undoubtedly needed to have a/c in our apartment in order to be happy.

Well, let me tell you, to a teenager growing up in the southern part of the country, it would have been undoubtedly nice to have some a/c during the summers! I think that I genuinely would have been a whole lot happier if my buddy and I had a/c when I was growing up. And even if I had not been happier, then I entirely would have been a whole lot more comfortable! I remember covered in sweat myself crazy up there in my top floor study room on warm summer time mornings, wishing that my buddy and I had central a/c in the apartment the same way that most of my friends did. It was terrible, in my opinion. I would go and sleep over at my friends’ houses all the time during the summers, just so that I could get out of my sweatbox of a house. My parents never understood why I wanted to leave apartment so much during the summertime however that was why. I couldn’t sit how warm it was in our house. Now that I have my own home, I make sure that the central cooling system is always the truly best one available. I think that it’s my number one part of owning a apartment of my truly own.



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