When you know, don’t be afraid to tell the HVAC tech.

I had been perusing the internet the last couple of months.

  • I was looking for information on a new HVAC system.

My husband and I had been talking about getting a new HVAC system, but it had to wait until this one no longer worked. We weren’t going to get rid of a working furnace or air conditioning unit, but once one of them quit working well, we were getting the entire HVAC system. During my perusal, I visited many HVAC websites. I was comparing prices, expertise of HVAC technicians, and mostly, their customer reviews. I was sure the bad reviews wouldn’t be there, but I was still looking. I came across some interesting areas on a website. They were talking about HVAC for homeowners. I called my husband into the study and showed him the page. I was reading some of the information to him, and it was telling you how to do many things on your own. The most important thing I read was how to make a diagnosis when something happens to your HVAC equipment. It gave you easy ways to figure out what could be wrong, so you can give a better description of what was happening, and give that info to your HVAC technician. The final sentence was; when you know what is wrong, don’t be afraid to tell the HVAC technician. We bookmarked that page. When something happened to the HVAC technician, we wanted the ability to tell the HVAC technician what was wrong with the HVAC. If we were wrong, that’s fine, but it gives the HVAC technician somewhere to start.


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