Why is my air conditioner leaking water? Please help!

Your AC behaves in a specific manner because of certain issues.

For instance, it leaks water because of three issues.

The first is because it has a missing or cracked drain pipe; it may have a clogged drain line or a clogged drain filter. More often than not, the air conditioning unit malfunctions and behaves like it is leaking when one of these things is off. A clogged drain line becomes blocked with debris such as mold, dust, and dirt. In most cases, when the condensate drain line is clogged, water tends to escape and drain outside. The line often appears backed up, causing the water to seep through. This can be fixed only when the pipe is flushed and cleaned. Note that algae and fungi can be responsible for this clogging on your AC’s drain line. You need to continuously pour some vinegar inside the drain to kill mold and algae. In case the infestation is rampant, consider calling professional HVAC cleaners to handle it. A wet and dry vacuum cleaner can also work when attempting to unclog your HVAC system. The drain pan should be located underneath the evaporator coil. It will collect any condensate from the indoor unit. However, when it rusts or cracks, there will be some leakage problem going on. This means that water will not be able to drain out quickly. A similar challenge occurs when the drain pan is misplaced or non-existent hence the continuous leakage. Finally, the challenge of clogged air filters also leads to leakage. Usually, when the airways are blocked, airflow is restricted, leading to many issues with the HVAC system. One of these is the fact that it can cause frozen evaporator coils that drip excess water. Change these filters and have the HVAC technician examine the system regularly.


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