Window air conditioners serve my purposes

I am totally happy with window air conditioners. I have no need to make a much bigger investment into a central cooling system. I live in the northern area of the country, where the winter weather is the priority. My house is equipped with a boiler heating system that is powerful enough to handle outside temperatures down to negative twenty-five degrees. I expect to raise the thermostat by the end of September and rely on the boiler for approximately eight months. It seems to take forever for the snow to finally melt and the robins to show up. I watch for the first signs of daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. I’m always very eager to shut off the heating system, open the windows and introduce some fresh air into the home. I have no desire to close the windows a month later, turn down the thermostat and start paying an expensive electric bill. During the spring, summer and fall, I spend every possible moment outside. I like to go for runs, hikes and bike rides. I kayak, swim and paddleboard. I enjoy working in my gardens, lying in the sun with a book and barbecuing. The only time the overheated and sticky conditions of the house are a problem are at night. It would be impossible to get a good night’s sleep without some type of cooling option. The boiler doesn’t allow for central air conditioning. I don’t mind because I’ve purchased a couple of window air conditioners. I picked them up at a local home improvement store for a couple of hundred dollars. They are lightweight, compact and easy to install into the window.

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