Author: Anna

Buying better air filters for my HVAC unit

Because I sometimes will end up forgetting and it causes some potential issues with the ductwork getting clogged in my central heating and air conditioning system unit I have finally decided that I am going to buy myself proper and very high quality air filters for my central heating and air conditioning system unit moving […]

I really like those air filters

I just tried HEPA brand air filters for the very first time. And I have to say that I really like them a lot! These HEPA brand air filters for my central heating and air conditioning system act like no other air filters ever have. It makes my indoor air quality a lot better without […]

The SEER rating was bad

I remember the time that I bought a new central heating and air conditioning system some years ago and highly regretted it. Because the SEER rating of the central heating and air conditioning system was absolutely bad! This caused me to have very high energy bills all together for the duration of when I had […]

I think i’ll go with these air filters

You know after trying so many different air filters for my central heating and air conditioning system unit in the last 7 months, I finally decided on one certain brand of air filter that I am going to go with. And would you believe they are the generic kind? These generic brand air filters I […]

Trying the washable air filters

I recently heard about washable air filters from a friend of mine. I had been hearing about washable air filters for your central heating and air conditioning system for a while now. I just never tried them because I did not believe the concept that you can actually wash an air filter for your central […]

Great deal on a current heating and A/C system

I never entirely learn the junk that comes in my mailbox, and unless it is a bill or a package, I will consistently just toss the mail into the recycle bin, but for a while, I was using the junk mail as scratch paper but you can only have so much scratch paper in your […]

Noisy window machine cooling component

My condo was built in the 1940s, and the lead paint on the windowsills still exists! We have no idea how to get rid of it. The charm of the little condo is enough to take your breath away. There is one thing that is absolutely seasoned and makes some people uncomfortable. The window machine […]

Steam is coming from my outdoor unit

I absolutely love doing landscaping outside. Landscaping is a great release for me especially on the weekends. I have a desk job and I don’t get out of the office that much during the week. So being able to work outside in the flower beds and design what plants and flowers I want to put […]

Advantages of Ductless Heating and cooling systems

I guess this makes sense for an apartment that’s in the big city because I always see buildings that have window air conditioning units I just recently moved to the big city and what I’ve seen in a lot of the apartments that i’m looking to rent is one they’re all very small and two, […]

Going to a football game outside and being cold

I am a huge fan of football. I follow my team religiously and try to go to as many home games as possible. I have season passes and thankfully the seats that we have are in a box and is temperature controlled. It’s great having a box because you don’t have to worry about the […]