Author: Anna

Our thermostats should tell us how much we are spending

Seriously, there must be a way for the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C companies to build a smart temperature control so that it knows how much currency you are spending while you are running the air conditioner or heating, and to display it for you in real time so you can actually determine exactly […]

Needed a roofing contractor asap

Storms can happen essentially every single afternoon, especially while in the warm season! There is a lot of humidity in the air plus that causes excess moisture to accumulate in the clouds, and it rains pretty much every afternoon for an hour or more than one plus we frequently have hurricanes while in the warm […]

The new dentist was kid friendly and affordable

It’s hard to find a dentist that is kid-friendly and affordable. I had to find a kid friendly dentist in the city when I switched jobs and had a different Insurance provider. The old dental provider was affordable and kid friendly. They also took adults as well which made it easy for the whole family […]

The new outdoor lighting is great for security

I heard there were a couple of break-ins last week and I have been very worried about my own home being burglarized while my family and I are on vacation next month. A lot of people are taking vacations during the summer and that makes June and July the prime time for burglars to enter […]

Deck installation for my rental property

I own a rental property that is kind of in shambles. The floors are all different levels and coming up. The washer and dryer were undersized and broken. The backyard deck was downright unsafe. I have slowly tried to make the rental property a bit more liveable. I have a family renting out from me, […]

Keeping your sunroom cool is easy

There is nothing better than relaxing in a sunroom reading a book, sipping a cold beverage, or simply admiring your container plants. However, in some climates, a sunroom might get quite warm in the summer, and it may be necessary to cool it off from time to time. You may not need anything else if […]

Sunrooms are a great way to stay cool

There is nothing better than relaxing in a sunroom reading a book, sipping a cold beverage or simply enjoying your container plants and flowers. In some climates, however, a sunroom may get a bit warm in the summer, and it might be necessary to cool off now and then. If you only need a ceiling […]