HVAC Technician Makes the Repair Much Better

Everyone knows that it’s not fun to have an issue with your heating system during the cold, winter months.

The moment you realize that there is a problem, it’s all you can think about.

Having to take time out of your day to wait around for a heating system specialist can be massively inconvenient. Sometimes people end up taking several days off work to deal with an HVAC problem. I remember many years ago when my childhood home had a huge issue with the HVAC system. It took many days for the HVAC technician to appropriately diagnose to issues. Although we were unable to adjust the thermostat without being shocked, they were still unable to diagnose the issue. On the third day, Jared arrived at the house to take a look. Even before looking at the thermostat, he was able to tell us that it was an electrical issue that we had on our hands. It was unfortunate that is took so long, but once we got to the root of the problem, we were able to get the ball rolling. After a few hours of hard work, our HVAC technician and Jared were able to fix the problem. The moral of the story is to always get a second opinion. If the HVAC technician is having trouble figuring out what is going on, do not feel like you can’t speak up. Suggest bringing in another tech to take a look or even the company manager.
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