The villains poisoned us through HVAC!

I had a suspicion that there was some kind of signal sent to the air conditioner or furnace that made it release toxins into the air ducts.

Villains are evil, but if someone is an HVAC villain you better watch out! It was discovered that an evil villain was somehow using HVAC units to destroy the world. At any given point, he could trigger an air conditioner or furnace and cause it to spew out toxic poison. He seemed to only target his enemies. Everyone was scared to use their furnaces and central air conditioners, and instead they just ran their whole home air purification systems to make sure their air was free of toxins. HVAC technicians and cooling specialists all over the world were trying to find the source of these HVAC attacks. I was a young heating technician when I started trying to find the problem. I had built several of my own air purifiers, window air conditioners, and gas furnaces before, and none of them had the toxin problem. I soon discovered that the safest heating units to run in your home were the portable space heaters and the hybrid heating system. I did some more research and found that a mini split air conditioner was the best cooling option. The government hired me to use one of my HVAC units as a mock HVAC unit in order to find out where the toxins were coming from. I had a suspicion that there was some kind of signal sent to the air conditioner or furnace that made it release toxins into the air ducts. This toxin could seep through any HEPA air filter and most other air filters. There is a certain line of air purifiers that could filter out the toxins. Soon we would find the enemy.
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We managed to find an available HVAC technician

We’ve been together since high school.

That was about 20 years ago.

Yes, it’s such a long time, but we feel like it was just the other day when we met. My partner and I know how lucky we are that we still love and cherish one another after such a long time. There was a period when we broke up and she moved abroad for work. But, we later met in the weirdest way and it seems like the universe wanted us to be. Here we are many years later still making each other happy. The other day, my partner called me at work to explain there was an issue with the HVAC unit. Even after all these years, she always phones me if there’s an appliance or issue that needs fixing in the house. I had to phone the HVAC company for assistance, but unfortunately, they were busy. We’d have to wait a few days for an available HVAC technician to come by our home. Knowing my partner so well, living in a house without proper air conditioning was her nightmare. I’d rather keep searching for an available HVAC technician in the area to service my unit. Eventually, we managed to find an available HVAC technician after she offered to help with the search. He was at the house in under an hour and did an excellent job sorting out the faulty AC. Hearing my partner happy was the best thing since now she’d not have to fuss about the heat. We opted to save the contact details for the HVAC technician since he’d been so effective at his job.


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Having a dog in the house is quite interesting

I love driving my SUV and seeing new places. I have this bucket list that I’ve been following since I got my first car in high school. My goal is to see as many places as possible while driving. At times I do fly or sail, but driving is my sweet spot. Seeing the road ahead of me always gives me a sense of adventure. Last year, I drove down south to visit my aunt and her family. She’s the best person in the world and I missed her so much. After my visit, I chose to drive down the backroads instead of taking the obvious route. That’s when I saw a small puppy dart onto the road and I almost hit her. This was a small stray and I chose to take her home with me. Having a dog in my home is quite an interesting experience and I’m having so much fun. However, I’ve had to make some adjustments in terms of air conditioning. Before, I never quite minded the air conditioning being low when I left the house. Since I was gone for long at times, I’d turn it off. However, now that Molly is living with me, I have to make sure the house is comfortable for her. She tends to wine if the house feels too hot and I must adjust the temperature on the thermostat. On top of that, I’ve bought an air purifier since all the pet dander ends up affecting the air quality in my home. So far, with the air conditioner and air purification system, we are both living a wonderful life. I plan on taking her on her first adventure soon.



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The new HVAC company was offering amazing deals

I live in an area where all the neighbors know each other.

  • We’re sort of a small community of friends who choose to remain close.

Other places, people hardly know their neighbors. But, since we all have kids, we saw the need to get to know one another. Our area has a small park with a playground where we meet for the kids to play. This is also the place we hold summer and winter festivals for our small community. I guess it’s sort of the HOA setup without all the rules and regulations. The other day, I got a knock on my door and saw an HVAC company representative. He introduced himself and said he was representing a new HVAC company in the area. They were offering new customers a chance to test their skills. After I got the flier, he said goodbye and started to read what was on offer. The new HVAC company meant business since they had some of the most attractive deals I have ever seen. If I called them within 2 weeks, I’d get free maintenance on my heating and cooling units. Plus, any repairs that I’d need would be free of charge including adding new parts. Some HVAC companies offer free repairs, but you have to pay for the parts. However, the new HVAC company made it clear everything was free including the parts to be replaced. In addition, any person who needed HVAC installation would get 40% off after buying the new HVAC system. Since HVAC maintenance repairs and servicing isn’t cheap, I wasn’t about to pass this great opportunity. I called the number on the flier to book an appointment.

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Miriam wasn’t sure what to do after high school

Miriam is the only kid in her family who didn’t seem to have an ambition to go to university.

All her cousins had big plans to join ivy league schools.

But, since Miriam was struggling in school, she never felt the drive to join college. Instead, she kept saying she’d think about what to do after college. Miriam began working at a local mall when she was 13 to make money. She loves making clothes and would use her salary to get supplies. Her mom also supplemented her income, but was also proud of the effort that Miriam was making. Perhaps she’d become a fashion designer when she grew up. However, Miriam wanted a stable job since security was crucial to her. She’d seen her mom have a good life working a stable job so Miriam thought about going to HVAC school. They’d had an HVAC expert come to speak at their school in senior year about the HVAC industry. He explained the pros and cons of the HVAC industry. Plus, the many opportunities to find stable and lasting work. Miriam was hooked on this because she knew she’d never lack work as an HVAC expert. Her desire was to work at this job and continue designing on the side. Perhaps one day someone would discover her work, but for now, working as a HVAC expert would make her life and future good. Applying to HVAC school wasn’t that hard, and Miriam also got a part time job working as an assistant to an independent HVAC professional. He was the guy who always came to fix their AC and Miriam knew she’d learn from the best.

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I had to jump into the pool to cool off

It’s been a long time since I was down at the coast. After going to work in the north, my life changed. I met my partner and found little reason to go back. She’s amazing and I also love her family so much. Growing up as an orphan made me long for family and she managed to give this to me in an amazing way. Years later, we have 4 kids and life has been good to us. I now run my own business and she works for the government. Last year, my kids asked me to take them to where I grew up. We booked an Airbnb in the area and planned to have an amazing time. I’d show them the old neighborhoods and also the schools which I attended before college. When we got there, I realized it was so hot. Summer time at the cost is when all the ACs get cranked up. Failure to do so would mean feeling hot and uncomfortable in the house due to poor air conditioning. Our kids didn’t seem to mind the heat and humidity, but my wife and I were suffering. We had to keep the air conditioner in the Airbnb on high always because the house wasn’t as cool. In addition, we made it a habit to jump into the pool when we were hanging out together outside. I remember one night the kids were asleep and we chose to sit on the porch. Unfortunately, the AC can’t serve this area so we were a bit hot. I jumped into the pool to cool off and ended up splashing water all over my wife. She feigned being mad then came in to join me.


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My dad is excellent at fixing HVAC units

They always try to pay but dad refuses to take even a coin from them

I wasn’t sure about my dad coming to live with me in my home. But, my son was all for the idea. I love my dad. He is the most amazing man in the universe. But, it had been 20 years since we lived under the same roof. After moving out, I’d go home to visit from time to time. However, it was always for about a week then I’d leave. But, now that mom is no longer with us, I know dad has been lonely. His only joy seems to be with his grandchild. So, I suggested he sell the huge family house and come to live with us. Dad never hesitated and I knew he’d been waiting for me to ask. It’s been great having him around since he’s a wizard at many things including fixing the HVAC systems. Dad trained and worked as a HVAC technician. For about 40 years, he was the area HVAC technician where I grew up. He’d always make an effort to retrain on the latest HVAC technology. As a result, his employer ensured dad was happy and highly paid for his prowess at working on HVAC units. Now, I don’t have to pay any maintenance or repair fees for the HVAC system at home. Dad already has a schedule set of when he does the spring and fall tune-ups. He’s also been retraining to learn more about the latest HVAC systems. My friends have really benefited from his free HVAC skills. They always try to pay but dad refuses to take even a coin from them. He loves working on these units so he isn’t at home bored when his grandson is in school.


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I had never experienced such a harsh summer storm

But, it was surprisingly still hot and humid.

I’m used to milder weather where I’m from. We do get rain, but not too heavy that it can carry away houses. When I went to visit my friend last year, it was a whole other experience. Mark and I have been close friends since college. We were roommates who became tight despite growing up in different cultures. It was such a great time for us to bond because life is changing and people are becoming more accepting of one another. My friend and his family asked me to go visit them and spend the summer. Since I was between jobs, this was the best time for such an adventure. His home is out in the country and they have many animals. Mark told me about the AC unit in their home and why it’s so powerful. It turns out, this is among the hottest places in the state. When there are heat waves, you don’t want to be anywhere there isn’t an AC unit. Even the animals in their farm have barns that have cooling systems. I never knew it would get so extreme until a heat wave hit when I was visiting Mark’s home. He was right about needing a powerful AC to keep a home cool under such extreme weather. Afterwards, we had the worst storm I have ever experienced. But, it was surprisingly still hot and humid. Mark explained many people don’t like such weather, but he’s gotten used to it. All it takes is having the right AC unit and you’re good to go. I, on the other hand, had never been anywhere like that in all my life.

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We had to find a better option for cooling the lake house

One day, I woke up and had had enough of the city.

  • We lived in a condo with amazing views of the city.

But, it wasn’t as exciting for me anymore. I remember speaking with my wife about this and she said she was feeling the same way. The previous year, we had spent a month living in this lake house away from the hustle and bustle. I guess we all got bit by the remote bug because it was so hard to readjust to life in the city. We felt like we wanted to move away and enjoy the slower pace. So, we set about searching for the perfect lake house. Our lake house is the best place we’ve ever lived and is not too far from a major town. The other day, we were having issues cooling the lake house efficiently. It seemed the air conditioner was faulty and we had to find someone to fix it. We went online to find HVAC companies that service the area. To our surprise, there were 5 of them. We thought the area was too remote and we’d have to pay extra to hire an HVAC expert. However, we found several of these that serve such remote locations. They do charge extra for the long distance they have to travel, but not too much. We settled on one of the HVAC companies and phoned them for assistance. A few hours later, we had a truck pull up and it was the HVAC expert coming to fix the air conditioner in our cabin.


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Jason’s AC business is doing well

Looking at all the positive reviews online in regards to Jason’s AC business, it looks like he is doing an excellent job

Jason and I went to the same high school back in our hometown. This was among the smallest towns in the area with only about 600 residents. I was always eager to finish school and move away since I felt the small town was too stifling. Jason shared my sentiments and went on to join the military after high school. He’d later do two tours in Afghanistan before retiring. Later, he told me he didn’t think he had what it takes to keep serving in the military. Jason managed to adjust back to civilian life and went to HVAC school. He knew he wanted to work with his hands and his mom suggested becoming an HVAC technician. He had great experience with mechanical stuff from the military. So, studying to become an HVAC technician was a walk in the park for Jason. Instead of getting a job after he received his HVAC certification, Jason began his own AC business. He lives in an area where it’s so hot that all homes need an AC unit for the whole year. Jason’s business started off with just him as the HVAC expert and business manager. Now, he has a team of 10 HVAC experts working for him and several other staff to help the business run smoothly. On top of that, Jason has added plumbing and electrical services to his business. Now, homeowners can contact the AC business to sort out air conditioning, plumbing and electrical issues in their home. Looking at all the positive reviews online in regards to Jason’s AC business, it looks like he is doing an excellent job. I’m so proud of him for the work he’s done since leaving the military.

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Have you ever wanted to live in a cabin in the mountains?

Imagine getting an opportunity to live your dreams.

I always thought cush opportunities happened in the movies.

But, I got this chance to live away from the city and write about my experience. There is a travel company that pays writers to live in specific places around the country and document their experience. As a freelance writer, this was the perfect opportunity. After completing my employment process, I got all the information about the cabin community up in the mountains. There I’d stay in one of the cabins, take pictures, videos and write about my time. The assignment was to last a year so I knew I’d spend summer and winter there. The cabins are quite modern and come with the best heating and cooling units. If I ever had any issues, all I had to do was contact the caretaker. She would send an HVAC expert to come over and inspect the issue with the unit. I recall my first summer in the cabin. It was hard for me to adjust the temperature settings on the thermostat. Instead of fussing with this thermostat, I phoned the caretaker. She was quite responsive since an HVAC worker was knocking at my door in half an hour. He explained he was working on another cooling unit in one of the cabins getting it ready for the guests who were arriving later in the day. I had no issue with waiting and knew I’d add excellent service to the content I was writing about this amazing place. The HVAC worker took me through the steps on how to use the thermostat efficiently. They’d opted to go with this variety since it was top quality and better at serving the cabins.

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I’m so happy Diana loves working as an HVAC professional

I have this friend who I’ve known for 20 years.

  • She’s been my best friend since college.

Diana and I were thick as thieves during our college years. There was nothing that we did separately and we had so much fun. Boys would try to date and separate us, but we always found ways to have double-dates. Later, after graduation, she went to work abroad. The few times we met after that was like we were never separated. We would still have fun and even our kids share the same bond. A few years back, Diana got tired of her demanding job and sought to change her career. She was traveling so much and missed her family. So, we spoke about trying the HVAC industry. My brother is an HVAC expert and he advised Diana to train in an HVAC school. Diana loved learning about the HVAC industry and saw this was her chance to be at home. She also loved being the oldest in the class, unlike other people who would feel weird. After graduation, she got her HVAC certification and was hired by a local HVAC business. Now, Diana is a much sought-after HVAC professional in our community. Her charm and charisma makes all the older folks want her to work on their HVAC units. She goes to their homes, services and repairs the units while giving stories and making sure they’re all doing okay. I love that she is happy working as an HVAC professional and I have my friend back home. Plus, we can now resume our many adventures as girls and as families.



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