A day in my life as a heating technician

My boyfriend is the best listener I know.

He loves hearing about my day.

Ash is a writer and works from home. He is usually eager to hear about what happened each day I get home. I work as an HVAC professional in the cooling industry. The first few weeks of winter are usually the busiest for any heating company. Many customers are contacting the heating business inquiring about help with indoor comfort. I had a busy day, and though I was texting him throughout the day, he still wanted to hear about my day. My team and I started the day with heater maintenance of a unit at a residence in the suburbs. The customer had not known more about heating and had neglected to tune up her unit, resulting in the premature breakdown of the unit. I told him about how I met with my childhood friend when I went to do a new heat pump installation at their offices. We were so happy to see each other and made plans to meet over lunch sometime soon. I needed to quickly dash to the heating dealer’s store to get new heating equipment for a specific elderly customer. I grabbed a dozen filters, a new smart thermostat, and a heat pump. He listened intently and even offered some advice to improve the quality of my job. I loved conversing with my boyfriend as we had similar views of life. My boyfriend reminded me about doing my neighbor’s whole-home heating unit. Our unit was due for another tune-up, so my boyfriend helped me choose a heating technician available that day. I was busy with a particular project at work and could not help.

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