A ductless mini split was a huge upgrade from a meager window air conditioner

I was doing the best I could for years after I finished school.

I went to culinary school so I could become a chef, but for a number of years I could only find a position as an assistant cook. This never resulted in much money, at least not enough to afford more than a studio apartment in a sketchy neighborhood. It helps that I’m a big guy, but I still worry sometimes when I get home late at night, especially if someone is waiting in an alley and ready to jump out and mug me. That’s why I have a concealed weapon’s permit, I just hope I never have to use it. That would be a horrifying situation to live through, even if I survived unscathed. While I have a much better job these days, I still am far away from home ownership. I don’t have much money saved in the bank, but my credit is slowly repairing itself while I practice smart and healthy credit card habits. If it hadn’t been for my improved credit, I wouldn’t have been able to afford this amazing upgrade to my only source of air conditioning in my apartment. I was using an old window air conditioner that was struggling whenever I tried it in the afternoon hours. I had the choice to simply get a new window air conditioner, but instead I paid to have a ductless mini split installed as a major upgrade to the former air cooler. It handles both heating and cooling purposes and is much more powerful than my former machine.

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