A friend uses washable filters

I had heard of washable filters before, but I had forgotten about them.

It wasn’t until my friend & I got on the subject of HEPA filters & other kinds of a/c filters that are sold at the different stores & Heating & Air Conditioning shops. We talked about the generic plastic actually bad ones that actually do nothing however harm your air conditioning device & make it work harder, all the while shortening its lifespan. Then my associate and I talked about HEPA air filters & how those are of much better quality. My friend surprised me by mentioning she uses washable air filters, since I didn’t feel she would want to go through the hassle of having to wash them, then but she told me it was far more convenient to sometimes wash them & save currency rather than have to toss them out every month or so like you do with common air filters. Well, she had a point there. It made me reconsider my own air filters, however to be honest I am too lazy to wash the air filters, & I decided that I am going to stick with the filters I have, yes, they are more high-priced, but I know they get the task done & that is the main thing that matters. But it was interesting to learn about the different kinds of air filters & how people have their own opinions on which one is better, & which one works for them, one thing my associate and I can both agree on, is having high quality air filters is a superb idea.


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