A fun treasure hunt during an a/c installation

My spouse Jo is honestly playful, as well as this is one of the qualities I appreciate the most about her.

Jo is sassy as well as will turn things into games as well as cute competitions to make light of the situation. Jo recently started playing this treasure hunt game that I believe is leading up to a treasure of some kind. Jo leaves notes everywhere in the beach house as well as requesting that I do things that open up different levels. I work for a local a/c corporation as the lead a/c expert. My work takes myself and others to so many odd places every day, some I have been to, as well as some are up-to-date to me. Yesterday the team went to the museum for work. A heat pump had malfunctioned, as well as the cooling specialist recommended the museum get a far more up-to-date cooling system. Both of us were there to do the a/c installation. As the team was fixing the up-to-date system, I found a treasure hunt clue in my bag, referring to something in the museum. I was so shocked at how Jo knew all of us would be really working on the cooling component at the museum. Jo was a teacher, she did not guess more about a/c than I did, even though I agree Jo is much more intelligent as well as innovative. I pushed thoughts of Jo into their compartment as well as focused on advising the patron on the importance of frequent a/c tune-ups. Our patron opted to have an A/C reps handle adjusting a/c filters as they did any a/c repairs. I later learned that my spouse had seen a post by one of the a/c experts from the office about how I was going to see the museum the next day, as well as Jo winged it hoping it would be my team, the cooling technology team.


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