A major heatwave

The two of us are right now sitting in record high un-even temperatures! The two of us are having a major heatwave and it entirely is horrible.

I have been having to crank our central air conditioning twenty more than 2 hours per day and seven days per week! There is literally no chop when the central a/c even shuts off for a few hours. That is how excruciating the heat is. It has been almost one hundred and fifteen degrees in the day and at night the people I was with and I are lucky if the un-even temperatures go down to the upper 90’s. It is entirely excruciating to say the least. I hope that this will end sometime soon. Because running our central a/c all of the time is getting to be a real excruciating thing, not only is it making the central heating and a/c labor overtime which could lead to an Heating and A/C breakdown, however it is also making it so that our electric bills are going to be through the roof this next month as a result of it. The two of us have never hit these kind of un-even temperatures before for this long of a phase of time. It almost seems love that it will never end. I will just have to hope that our central heating and a/c doesn’t chop down because of this and that I have to call the local heat and air conditioning contractor to send out a certified heating and cooling specialist to service the central heating and a/c because that will cost myself and others even more money! The electric bills are going to be excruciating enough!

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