A major heatwave

We are right now sitting in record high hot and cold temperatures.

We are having a major heatwave and it absolutely is horrible.

I have been having to crank my central air conditioner twenty several hours per day and many afternoons per week! There is literally no break when the central air conditioner even shuts off for a few minutes. That is how bad the heat is. It has been almost 1 hundred and fifteen degrees in the day and at night every one of us are fortunate if the hot and cold temperatures go down to the upper 90’s. It is absolutely exhausting to say the least. I hope that this will end sometime soon. Because running my central air conditioner all of the time is getting to be a real bad thing; Not only is it making the central heating and air conditioner labor overtime which could lead to an Heating plus Air Conditioning breakdown, but it is also making it so that my electric bills are going to be through the roof this next month as a result of it. We have never hit these kind of hot and cold temperatures before for this long of a phase of time. It almost seems care about that it will never end. I will just have to hope that my central heating and air conditioner doesn’t break down because of this and that I have to call the local heat and supplier to send out a certified heating and cooling specialist to repair the central heating and air conditioner because that will cost me even more cash! The electric bills are going to be bad enough!

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