A major mess

I had a bit of an accident around the side of my home the other week.

I was doing some outdoor painting of my lake house and I dropped the roller and it broke the window in my residing room! Not only was this a major pain in the rear because I had to go out and buy a current window that easily day before night and install it myself, but the glass from the broken window shattered all over the venue and some of the glass got into my central heating and air conditioner! My central heating and air conditioner sits right by the residing room window on the side of my house, so when the window broke, the glass got into it.

It was a real mess. I tried to clean some of the glass out of the central heating and air conditioner myself, however it just wasn’t happening. The easily next day I had no option but to call the local heat and supplier for them to send out a certified heating and cooling specialist to clean the glass out of my central heating and air conditioner unit! This ended up costing me a few hundred dollars just for the Heating plus Air Conditioning lake house services call plus the labor. Then on top of that, the cost of the current window I had to run out and buy that easily same day it broke! It was quite a hit to my bank account to tell you the truth. However, all is great now and back to normal. In the future I will just have to be more careful.



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