A place where heat pump service is unheard of

My partner, seven-year-old daughter, and I took a chance and moved to a different place where even the weather was nothing like we were used to.

I remember a few months before we moved, I did a thorough internet search on every HVAC company in that place that I could find online, such as how much they charged for HVAC maintenance and furnace/heater repair.

I also looked at the HVAC systems that they commonly use. When we moved, I was shocked to realize other than companies, factories, and very few significant buildings, the rest of the people did not have any HVAC equipment, and therefore there were not many HVAC repairmen. The heating business was not popular among the locals simply because they did not need a heat pump in their homes to provide quality heating. A small percentage had a furnace system for their hot water needs, and that was all, and the type that needs a furnace filter is found in big establishments such as hotels. I could not believe I had taken so much time to learn more about heat and heat pump service and realized later my knowledge would not be utilized, at least not in the way I thought. One or two people had a portable heating device to help with indoor comfort, mostly the young new mothers. It was in the form of a room heater for warming the house so that they could wash their babies comfortably, especially in cold weather. Being an HVAC technician was less of a successful venture compared to where we lived. My new neighbor needed to learn what a thermostat was. At least they were some energy-saving tips but mostly on lighting.

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