AC outage during the big game

For college football fans, every week is important.

Unlike professional sports, college athletics are about the passion for the game.

Hardcore fans of the local team tailgate for every game, no matter what the weather is or how hot it gets outside! For the biggest conference game of the year there would be no tailgating, because it was being held a few hundred miles away. I decided to have my best friends come over to eat some barbeque, get drunk, and watch the game at my house instead. And it was almost perfect, until the A/C went on the fritz. This HVAC system is only three years old, and it has a warranty on it for 15 years, so I was beside myself with anger. Not only was the system new, but I signed up for the annual service plan which meant I got two HVAC inspections and tune-ups every year. I know the A/C was in top flight condition, so what the heck was the problem? I had no time to fuss around with the inner workings of the air conditioner because opening kickoff was happening! At the first time out I called the HVAC contractor and reported my service outage. The HVAC tech seemed bummed about it, but he said he would be at my house by the end of the first quarter. I realized that the HVAC tech had been watching the same game as me, and didn’t want to miss any of it! At least he got to watch the second quarter here at my place as he worked on the AC
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