Adjusting to new HVAC

I can always count on life to throw me a curve that reminds of just how totally temporary all of this really is.

  • I have been knocked down plenty starting when I was just a kid.

But I had some great parents who always helped me get back up and keep trying. But I wouldn’t call myself exactly fortunate. Fortunately, I will be coming home to my own central air conditioning when I finish work. But for me, I’m adjusting to living in my parent’s basement. This was the result of huge college loans and a very low paying, entry level job. I just couldn’t make my finances stretch far enough to pay for an apartment. And it wasn’t all that much of an apartment with all the bad HVAC and loud neighbors. Plus the place was not in a great part of town. I even tried to bring in a roommate. But even that wouldn’t help my budget. Thankfully, my parents have always been out there supporting me. They offered me the basement and my dad and I went about making it a great place to live. The first thing we did was to install a ductless heat pump. There are no HVAC vents in the basement so I had to have some sort of residential HVAC. I was shocked that Dad and I were able to install the ductless heat pump ourselves. But it was actually not all that tough. I really love the great quality heating and air that I get from the ductless heat pumps. It’s so nice to have a great place to land that also comes with great residential HVAC.

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