Advantages of a snow melt system

There’s no need to shovel, plow, snow blow or spread damaging snowmelt chemicals

Living in the northeastern area of the country, the winters are especially long and cold. We get temperatures down to negative twenty-five degrees, and the windchill makes the air feel even colder. Our location sees much more than the national average for annual snow accumulation. Dealing with the weather is an expensive and endless challenge. I am fortunate that my home is equipped with a boiler heating system. The boiler uses water to move heat energy to the various rooms of the house. The benefit of water rather than air is that it heats up faster, retains heat longer and avoids issues with air contamination and insufficient humidity. The boiler sends the heated water through pipes that are concealed beneath the floors, spreading warmth across the surface. The radiant floor heating eliminated cold pockets, drafts and stratification. The heating process is especially quiet and energy efficient. It proves a wonderfully gentle comfort. Another advantage of a boiler is the outdoor snowmelt system. A network of pipes are linked to the boiler and hidden under the pavement of the driveway, walkways, front steps and garage. The snowmelt system reacts to the combination of temperature drop and moisture and automatically starts up. It makes sure the outdoor area is always clear of snow and ice. We don’t need to worry about slipping and falling on the ice. There’s no need to shovel, plow, snow blow or spread damaging snowmelt chemicals. We aren’t stuck with gigantic piles of snow that block access to the garage. The snowmelt system adds convenience and value to our property.

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