Advertising my friend's HVAC business?

I can be very annoying at times.

  • My friend Steve has just started up his own HVAC company and is trying to get the word out there through social media and other various things.

He said if I can get him customers he will give me 5 percent of whatever the customer is charged. So everyday out of randomness in a grocery store, in the park, at a sporting event or wherever am that is populated I will say in my normal tone of voice “my buddy has a heating and cooling business.” It is so random as well and here and there someone will ask about it. I have pulled him in a few customers and the word of mouth approach I have taken has some success. I also hang little flyers around. I know I have a few at various grocery stores that have pinboards up. Since summer is coming up Steve new customers are looking for their air conditioning units to be serviced or some want to get central air installed. Steve also has some people setting up appointments for the fall to get their furnace checked out before the cold winter. I’m hoping if his business gains more traction that 5 percent will eventually move up to like 10-20 percent. I know what I do can be annoying to some but it’s working. I know Steve already told me that he will install central air conditioning in my home or heated floors if he hits his income goal for the business. He won’t share those details unfortunately but it would be cool to do a little upgrade to my place.


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