Air conditioned floors would be nice

The one thing I have always wondered is if they will ever create floors that can cool your home.

  • Same concept as radiant floors except they are air conditioning systems.

I do not know how this can be done using the same heating plus A/C system technology to save money on energy use, though I know there has to be a way! Imagine if you could have both radiant floors and air conditioned floors. This would completely eliminate the need for central heating plus A/C system units and would save you a whole bunch of money on energy use all together. This would be the absolute best thing that would ever be created or introduced in today’s heating and A/C system technology if it was to happen. I could be thinking the impossible here, deep down I know there has to be a way for this to become possible. If they came up with all kinds of other amazing heating and A/C system technology I am almost certain they are experimenting with this method I have in my head. I could not be the only man in the whole wide world that thought of it. There had to be more professional people in the world of heating plus A/C system technology that has thought of this. At least I am seriously hoping so. Heating and air conditioning system technology is seriously due for something totally amazing like this as it has been a while since something happened like what I am saying.

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