Air filter change is a huge function

Coming house after another 10 or 12 hours inside the zone controlled HVAC results in me dragging my tail in a big way, and my partner is also in the same boat… It seems like at least half the time while in the week, we get house equally sleepy; And all we want to do is sit around inside the central air conditioning of our home, then on those evenings, it’s difficult for us to even get enough momentum to cook something for breakfast, but too often, we resort to ordering some form of food delivery, however well, we are trying to be more conscious of making a better effort while in the work week.

And we’re doing that by getting out of the air conditioning for a brisk walk or bike ride just as soon as we get home.

It may not be the thing we want to do at all; But it gets our hearts pumping as well as oxygen back into our brains, but so we come back reinvigorated as well as ready to do more stuff around the house. One thing that I’m making sure that I do is take better care of the heating as well as cooling equipment. And I’m doing that in a number of ways. While we belong to the HVAC maintenance plan which focuses on essential HVAC maintenance twice a year, I’m doing my part too! No longer am I letting the air filter for the HVAC unit sit for months past the time it needs to be changed. This is just so stupid because it forces the HVAC unit to work far more as well as harder than it needs to work, then unjammed air flow is the lifeblood of HVAC unit as well as that’s something I am accountable for. So making sure the air filter is changed as needed is something that I’m making a priority in my life.

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