Air purifier makes a positive impact

Working from home has made me a lot more aware of and concerned with comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

I spent the majority of my time inside the house.

Because of the severe weather in my local area, heating and cooling is required just about year round. That means it’s necessary to keep the windows and doors closed tight to prevent energy waste and keep the cost of utility bills to a minimum. I make sure to regularly replace air filters and schedule professional heating/cooling system maintenance twice per year to promote system efficiency, reliability and the output of clean air. I am diligent about having the ductwork tested to check for leaks, any buildup of contaminants or other problems. I’ve also invested into a whole-home air purifier. The add-on air quality accessory is installed in the duct system. It works to trap airborne contaminants smaller than a grain of beach sand before they get circulated throughout the house. Plus, the air purifier sends out positive and negative ions. These ions cause particles and other very tiny debris to clump together and either all out of the breathing air or become more easily captured by the filter. They further disrupt the DNA of pathogens, rendering them harmful. The air filter creates a more hygienic, cleaner and better smelling living environment. I don’t need to scrub, vacuum or dust as often. I’ve noticed that I have fewer issues with headaches, congestion, insomnia, coughing and sneezing. The air purifier operates silently and efficiently 24/7. I schedule maintenance for the device at the same time as the air conditioner and furnace tune-ups.

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