An accident with the cooling system

Staying in a rental cottage on the lake is absolutely weird from renting a hotel room, however when you stay at a hotel, you think the maids will be coming in every single day to tidy things up.

There is a particular level of debauchery that is accepted, even encouraged, in hotels and motels, but renting a cottage on the lake is quite different, however here you are expected to clean up after yourself, and while you don’t have to do the dirty bedding, you are expected to put it in the washing unit before you leave.

I was shocked when a tenant in a single of my properties stole the window mounted cooling system when they inspected out, but did they suppose that I would not notice that the only cooling component in the cottage was gone? I called the person, outraged, but they claimed to be ignorant of the cooling system being missing. I hung up on them, and went outside to inspect the window. These kinds of cooling systems hang mostly outside of the house, and are held in locale by sturdy metal brackets. Much to my chagrin, I saw that a single of the brackets had snapped off, and the A/C unit had fallen out of the window and down an embankment. How the bracket snapped is a mystery to me, but it was somewhat of a relief to find out that the client had not stolen the cooling system. This a single was destructiond, but a skilled Heating and A/C tech was able to patch it back up and get it mounted in the window.
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