An Air conditioner breakdown at the office

The air conditioner in my office stopped working.

Staying in the house was becoming unbearable since it was hot.

I complained to the maintenance department about the equipment. Recently they had been asked to check on the office equipment, but they did not raise any issues. I asked them to ensure that the problem was solved by the end of the day. I had a busy schedule due to the workload at that time. I went to finish the work in the meeting room and left the tech to fix the problem. After the tech checked the equipment he recommended that a specialist be called because the problem seemed to be more complicated. The HVAC maintenance company was called and they sent an HVAC technician for the Ac repair. After the tech inspected the equipment he realized that it was not cooling the air. He tried to fix the problem, but he was unable. He informed us that the damage was irreparable. The problem was then reported to the administration. The company’s maintenance was assigned to buy new equipment and the formalities were complicated by the finance department. The head of maintenance visited an HVAC company to buy a new HVAC unit. He was able to talk to an HVAC professional who showed him some of the good quality equipment they had. He then settled for a good air conditioning system. The equipment had all the qualities we required for the office. It also had a quality Ac filter. After the equipment was delivered to the office. A contractor from the home services was called to install the equipment. The ductwork was done again since the air duct was not in a good state. After that the air quality was good. The following day I went to my office, and the equipment was already working to help with indoor comfort


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