An Airbnb with modern HVAC equipment

A notice at the entrance instructed that one remove their shoes from the mudroom before proceeding to the main house. How could they give such instructions, given that it was so cold and the floors had tiles? The HVAC systems must have been top-notch because it was warm and cozy, but they could have at least left house shoes given that tiles could get very cold even with a fully functional heat pump install system. I needed to learn more about heating because the minute I stepped on the tiles, they were pleasantly warm, which was a welcome surprise. I could even remove my socks and roam around comfortably. It was a clear indication that the house had heated floors. Amazingly, the lengths of heating technology have gone to ensure help with indoor comfort on every level. The house would be our home for one month, and the quality of the heating was just as they had described on the website. My partner checked the documentation that indicated the last HVAC maintenance, including the furnace filter replacement and the HVAC company that did it. We wanted to avoid running into a situation where we would have to start looking for an HVAC repairman for furnace/heater repair- something we could have otherwise avoided by regular heat pump service. The documents also listed a few energy-saving tips we could easily apply during our stay, which I found very pleasant. The house also had a furnace that ensured there was always hot water when one turned on the hot water faucet. They must have in recent years contracted an HVAC technician for an upgrade because every HVAC equipment looked modern.

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