An HVAC unit provides comfort for a home

I grew up in the northern part of the country where the temperature gets pretty cold during the Winter months.

And when I was a child, our house was always warm and toasty in the colder season.

We used a radiator that was connected to a boiler as our heat source during the Winter. Unfortunately, the house that we lived in did not have central heating or cooling. In fact, most houses and buildings in the city did not have central heating or cooling equipment. When the houses and buildings were constructed, central HVAC was not a common equipment placed inside those homes. So, in addition to the radiator that we used for heat in the Winter, we had window air conditioners that we used to keep cool during the Summer months. Back then, life was much simpler, and I was grateful that my house had heat as well as A/C. I have since moved out of that city, so I have been using a central HVAC unit ever since. And of course, it’s a luxury to have cooling and heating equipment in my home. For many of those residents that still live in the city that I grew up in, they don’t have the same luxuries. In fact, unless the building or home is a newly built structure, chances are, the residents are still relying on a radiator for heat and a window A/C for cooling in the Summer. When you live in the city, you get used to those options, as it wasn’t until I moved out, I realized how much more comfort an HVAC unit provides for a home.

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